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We are global leaders in

Agriculture Technologies and Lean


Our Vision at Adaviv is to make controlled-environment farms more profitable and sustainable through our Lean Cultivation and Plant-level Intelligence.

Adaviv grew out of the interdisciplinary expertise of its founders across Biology, Physics, AI and Lean Operations & Engineering.

The seeds of our story were planted at MIT where our founding team met and collaborated. Our team came together working on new sustainable technologies to improve life in urban settings, which evolved to focus on urban farming. Leveraging our backgrounds in AI, Big Data and Biology to optimize a growing system, not just through environmental data, but through plant-level data, Adaviv was born.

We are Grower-Centric. We work every step of the way with our grower-partners, so they can focus on what matters and scale their craft. Crops are complex, biological systems and growers that want to survive the uncertainty and growing pains of this fast-evolving industry can partner with Adaviv to leapfrog competition, differentiate and hit sustained profitability.

Our Team

Ian founded Adaviv while holding a Postdoctoral Associate position at MIT and his background and interests bridge plant science, agriculture, image processing and data science. As an entrepreneur and technologist at heart, Ian is guiding AdaViv's mission to help every indoor farm become highly profitable and sustainable through enhanced Plant-Intelligence and Lean Cultivation tools.

Ian Seiferling | PhD, MSc

CEO & Co-Founder


Julian leads product and business development for Adaviv as its COO. He holds a MBA from MIT Sloan, has two bachelor's degrees (i.e. B.A. Economics and BSc. Industrial Engineering) and a Masters in Economics. During his time at MIT, Julian was president of the MIT agriculture club and also brings vast operational experience from his 3 years at McKinsey & Co.


Julian Ortiz | MBA, MSc

COO & Co-Founder

Moe is a multidisciplinary AI and Data Scientist and Software Developer who leads Adaviv's innovative deep learning-powered Lean Cultivation Software Platform development as CTO. He is a former Data Scientist at Amazon's Alexa Team and former Senior Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Sense able City Lab.

Moe Vazifeh | PhD, MSc

CTO & Co-Founder


Alejandra is helping to inform and build Adaviv's plant pest-disease-stress detection AI-powered systems and working with customers to help keep their plants healthy. She began her career as a biologist at Universidad de Los Andes, later interning at the University of Southern California in molecular biology techniques at The Single Molecule Biophotonics.

Alejandra Abril | PhD

Plant Scientist


Camilo has an extensive background in Backend Software Engineering, Analytics and Mechatronics. At present, Camilo is building onto Adaviv's plant-level analytics and architecting our Business Insights pipeline, supporting database information structuring and data integrity and end-user analytics.


Camilo Penagos

Software Engineer

Shalit is developing hardware and software for Adaviv's robotics platform - the Mantis - to enable the collection of high quality, high resolution Plant-level data, all without disrupting farm operations. Shalit has a passion for robots and building the future of automation (aka farming on Mars). He is also the safety officer for the Adaviv lab where our robots are built.

Shalit Dubey

Robotics Engineer


Chia-Hua is a UX/UI Designer with an interest in future technologies and an analytic mindset. Chia-hua leads the design of our software tools, ensuring we keep simplicity and functionality at our core, while providing our growers with powerful insights and visibility on their plants and people. Driven by user satisfaction and curiosity, Chia-Hua takes pride in empathizing with people and providing user-centered design.

Chia-hua Li

UI/UX Designer


Andrew is building Adaviv's next generation robotics platform to monitor plant growth and health. The hardware he is developing is at the intersection of customer's growing facility and Adaviv's machine learning-enabled data pipeline. Andrew holds a bachelor's of science (B.S.) from Harvard University, magna cum laude.

Andrew Meersand

Mechatronics Engineer


Mauricio is an enthusiast software developer who is constantly looking forward to new challenges in order to improve his skills and expand his knowledge and also share it with others. Mauricio contributes to the development of all of Adaviv's customer-facing software tools like our Digital Scouting and Crop Care Software platform, on both web and mobile platforms. He is a strong believer that the key to solving any problem is teamwork.

Mauricio Trejo

Full-Stack Software Engineer


Jefferson is a multidisciplinary Computer Vision Engineer who pushes Adaviv's computer vision technologies forward, developing cutting-edge insights on plant health and structure. He brings years of experience in Computer Vision, having worked across applied fields of retail, medicine and now agriculture.

Jefferson Hernandez

Computer Vision Engineer


Joaquin is driven by building software tools that allow people to monitor changes and extract vital information for business. Joaquin is helping Adaviv's growers in identifying issues plants are facing, scheduling their tasks and communicating key information effectively, resulting in their cultivation being more sustainable, productive and profitable.

Joaquin Perez Lopez

Senior Software Engineer


Brian manages Field Operations and Customer Success for the Massachusetts region. Brian holds a BSc. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has worked in controlled-environment cultivation across the country from California to Maine, and spent several years supporting students with disabilities in New England. In his free time, Brian enjoys listening to audiobooks, playing guitar, and snowboarding.

Brian Ridge

Customer Success Specialist


Noemi, works with Adaviv’s grower partners in California, ensuring we deliver the highest quality data and insights on plant health and leveraging her expertise in Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences. Living in the “Salad Bowl of the US” Noemi, lives and breathes (and of course eats) all things plants and is passionate to be a part of the future of Ag, bridging technological innovations with Crop Science. When she’s not playing with plants, she loves playing her clarinet.

Noemi Larios

Customer Success Specialist

Noemi_Larios copy.jpg

Banti is a Multicultural Data Scientist and leads work on Adaviv's sophisticated plant localization and perception system for their Mantis Crop Scanner and Plant-level Data to Insights Pipeline. He has worked on everything from autonomous parcel handling robots to autonomous boats, facilitating teams making software and software/hardware systems from idea through deployment. He holds BSc. and MSc. degrees from MIT.

Banti Gheneti | MSc

Perception Engineer


Angelica is an experienced software product manager who has an extensive background as an Environmental Engineer (MSc). She's an expert at understanding and communicating user needs, workflows and requirements to other engineers and developers and leverages these skills at Adaviv to help us build best-in-class products. She is passionate for software development, agriculture, and corporate governance.

Angelica Urrego | MSc

Software Product & QA Manager


Colin has extensive experience in agricultural and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) markets, as a Co-founder, CEO and Analyst of technology companies and Director of Enterprise Solutions for Companies Servicing the CEA markets. He is a leading industry Investment Analyst for institutional clients, following from his background in Hedge Fund Investment Analysis and holds degrees in Economics and Finance.

Colin Ferrian

New Business Development


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