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Adaviv's Inaugural Lean Cultivation Webinar

Hear experts in the cannabis industry discuss how the industry can leap-frog into Industry 4.0 to survive and be profitable. A huge thanks to our panelists—Alex Pryor, VP of Cultivation @ Revolutionary Clinics; Julian Wilches, Chief Regulatory Officer @ Clever Leaves, and Huston Hoelscer, Manager of Environmental Science Group & Sr. PCA @ Urban-Gro). Another thanks to those who were able to tune in and ask questions.

Here's Alex Pryor speaking on the power of lean tools to enable growers to produce higher yields by taking advantage of Adaviv!

Thanks for joining us on the future of the cannabis industry and if you missed it, watch the full replay here! Below are some timestamps for easy viewing.

Key timestamps:

Introductions (1:01)

Lessons Learned and Relevant Past Insights (8:35)

Looking into the Future of the Industry (21:45)

Q&A (42:45)

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