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How tech can help growers survive the pricing crash - Marijuana Venture

Adaviv co-founder and CEO, Dr. Ian Seiferling, recently authored an article on how employing new technologies into the farm—specifically those which automate the most tedious tasks and enable data-driven decision-making—can help growers survive and win in an increasingly competitive market.

The article explores the financial ramifications of commoditization, competition and cultivating at large scales across the US. It also addresses the pressures associated with maintaining a delicate balance between harvest quality and costs of production. Ultimately, adopting Lean methodologies and technologies that enable growers to quantify hard to measure cultivation metrics at scale, thereby standardizing for high QA, may be some of the few ways in which cultivators are able to differentiate themselves in such competitive markets.

To read this article in the November issue of Marijuana Venture, click here.

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